I.S Clinical Fire and ice skin peel. Resurfacing peel using Glycolic acid and Retinol. Used to combat hyper pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and acne. Clinicare AHA & BHA chemical peels.

Dermal needling. Promotes collagen production and cell renewal. Excellent reduction on scar tissue on face & body. Improves the texture and colour of the skin.

Dermaplaning. A manual deep exfoliation of the skin which improves skin texture and the appearance of hyper pigmentation & fine lines, wrinkles. Vellus hair "peach fuzz" is also removed during this treatment.

Classic Steam Facial. Steam to hydrate and Botanicals Aromatherapy range to relax and calm the skin & mind. Hot Stone face, shoulder and scalp massage included.

Massage. A range of Massage treatments are available, full body, Aromatherapy, Aqua Massage, Aqua Pregnancy Massage and warm candle oil Massage.

Nails. Ink London hybrid polish, Manicure, Pedicure and Callus Peel Pedicure.

Waxing. Hot and Strip Waxing ~ Kim Lawless trained.

Eye Treatments. Eyelash extensions, classic & Russian volume styles, Lash and brow tinting. Lash Lifting/perming. Brow wax & shape.